Cabins by the Caves

After hiking in Hocking Hills State Park, Boyfriend and I planned to spend Halloween in a secluded cabin in the woods watching scary movies (but not Evil Dead or Blair Witch or Friday the 13th or Cabin in the Woods or…you get it.)  Cabins by the Caves were nice enough to offer accommodations just a short drive away. 

Checking in

After some delicate maneuvering to get my soccer mom van all the way up the steep hill (I need it for all of my illegitimate children!) we finally pulled into the gravel road leading to our log cabin, The Jackson. The atmosphere was perfect. There’s a grill, picnic table and fire pit, a hammock swaying between two trees and a hot tub. Checking in was super easy as the lock code and instructions were all sent by email prior to my visit. We punched in the code, pulled out the key and entered. 

The Jackson Cabin

It was adorably cozy inside, with a small kitchen, spacious living room, fireplace and two bedrooms, one of which we used as trunk space. We were exhausted and starving so I kicked back in the hot tub while Boyfriend catered to my whims and cooked up some burgers. We watched The Omen as the sky grew dark, and by the time the ominous Latin chorus blared over the credits, it was pitch black. At that point we watched Shaun of the Dead because I was too much of a baby for anything else.

I was very much taken with our accommodations, though the cabin is made of wood so it did settle quite a bit. Combined with my crippling anxiety and horror movie tropes and the conviction that Michael Myers was just outside waiting to murder us all, it did make for a hard night’s sleep. In the morning, however (in the obvious safety of daylight), I was once again enamored of the place. I highly recommend visiting in the fall. Waking up to sunlight flickering through autumn leaves was lovely. 

Special thanks to Cabins by the Caves for sponsoring my visit—all opinions, as always, are my own.

Rebecca Ritchey

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