“Eating and reading are two pleasures
that combine admirably.”

-C.S. Lewis

My name is Rebecca Ritchey and I enjoy books and food in equal measures. I work as a Digital Media Consultant and freelance for various publications. I’m currently writing a novel, a book of essays and an audio drama.  I live in Columbus, Ohio with my surly boyfriend and our two jerk-ass cats.

I started Eating Books because I wanted to explore food in literature as a photography project, invoking some ambience of the book as if the character were sitting down to dine. It has since evolved to include other areas of interest as well as a podcast and online shop. On this blog I share fictional food photography, literary musings, travel stories, blogging & business tips and other lifestyle topics. If you’re new to the site, here are some of my favorite posts:




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credit: autumn theodore photography