“Eating and reading are two pleasures
that combine admirably.”

-C.S. Lewis

My name is Rebecca. I’m a writer, reader of books, squeezer of cats and all around curmudgeon. I will happily read Dante’s Inferno while glossing over that whole storm of putrefaction in the third circle of hell (conflict of interest.) I live in Ohio with my surly boyfriend and our two jerk-ass cats.

Eating Books focuses on food, literature, travel & lifestyle topics. It began in 2014 as a photography project, a way to bring fictional food to life. It has since evolved to encompass a wide range of interests, though always clinging to its literary roots. You’ll find this to be the least literary literary blog—a world of plot holes and spelling errors. Also gifs. Say it like the peanut butter or get out.

(photo credit: autumn theodore) 

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